mardi 11 octobre 2016

Entry of the CPE mrs. Straboni

We are going to explain how the entry of the new CPE ( mrs. Straboni) takes place at college Henri corbet in Saint Jean d'Aulps

1) Is it your first year of being C.P.E?
-"No, it`s my 12th year"." I was working in Evian before".

2) Are you happy about this college?
- yes very much.
3) Do you find the food in the cantine nice ?
-Yes, the food here is very nice.
4) How do you find the school's condition ?
-It's a beautiful college with a beautiful view.

Louise Gurret et Océane Vidal, 6°1
translated by Wesley, 5°3
( The article in french is there)

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