vendredi 24 mars 2017

Our project theater

This year, Madame Chaffange chose 5 ° 4 for a theater project. A writer named Sébastien Joanniez came to visit us:


He has wrote about twenty books, including Stroboscopie or Chouf, which has also been performed as a play under the name "Write me a sheep", which we went to see in Thonon!

What have we done with this writer?
On the first day, we discussed the play and wrote small sentences to train to write: 
He gave us a start and in thirty seconds we had to write the rest.

Example: I'm crying for... Evacuate all the sadness and anger that I have kept within me.
We also imagined the continuation of our play.

On the second day, we wrote plays to be able to play them in front of the class. 
We also searched and studied legends on Lake Geneva because the play we are playing takes place at the bottom of the lake.

What is our project? 

We will actually play a play on April 11th in Thonon, with puppets that we will learn to manipulate with two actors! 

Are we going to play it with other children ?  

We will play it with other schools; CM2 and two other high schools. 
On April 11th, we will repeat the play all day and evening until 6pm and we will give you the performance. It will be open to all, come and see us!


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