jeudi 28 septembre 2017

Children of the Year Contest

The newspaper "Mon Quotidien" created a contest to elect the child of the year. This year, Luke, a 13-year-old Irishman, won the award with a video about harassment. He himself was the victim and this video will help children who are victims of harassment.

  In the video, he receives anonymous insults on sites like Facebook. Each new insult causes him an injury: nose bleed, black eye, broken arm ... At the end Luke says that "all teenagers have already been involved, from near or far, through harassment."

Kélio, 9, was touched by Luke's courage: 
"The harassment is serious, and I am sure many children do not dare to talk about it because they are ashamed or afraid of those who harass them. 
The same review for Julie, 11 years old: 
"Luke 's story moved me and he managed to find a way to fight without violence ... Thanks to his video"

Voici un site internet sur lequel vous pouvez trouver des informations en cas de harcèlement a l'école : cliquer ici 

 Telephone numbers are available. For additional tips, contact: 
If harassment occurs on the internet, contact: 
GREEN NET "NET LISTEN": 0800 200 000

The project "Harassment is stupid" is carried out by the pupils of the college Simone Signoret of the academy of Rouen

Wesley Rose  5°3

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