mercredi 6 décembre 2017

president of the class results

The voting of the president of the class did take place at the beginning of October 2017. Two presidents were voted in each class. The presidents are represatives of school students. They assist at the class meating of every quarter and talk with people that need help!

the year 7 presidents are :

6°1 :Erika DUCRET et Gabin BOUVIER

6°2 : Kylian LYZZI et Margaux MUFFAT

6°3 : Lexie HAIG et Joana LAVANCHY

6°4 : Sarah BUET et Noémie DUFFAUT

the year 8 presidents are :

5°1 : Lison RAMERE et Mario COPPEL

5°2 : Morgane DELACOURE et Jules GIROD

5°3 : Maëlys ALAYE et Fabien POLLIEN

5°4 : Cloé SARAMON et Noé VULLIEZ

the year 9 presidents are :

4°1 : César BAUD et Léo MOURET

4°2 :Maëlys LAURENT et Poppy THOMPSON

4°3 : Amélie LANVERS et Agahte SINDIC

4°4 : Cloé DELERCE et Finnley THORPE

the year 10 presidents are :

3°1 : Sam AUDIS ET Gaëtan MUFAT


3°3 :Vladimir PETITJEAN et Brice CADINOT

3°4 :Alexandre RIHOUEY et Axelle DELACOURE

Well done to all the presidents that got voted ! We hope that they will do their best this year. Well anyway the next class meatings are soon.Thank you to all for showing themselves.

 Big thank you to Auge Séraphin for doing this newspaper article for us and translated by Rose Wesley.

Source: Owen Davies

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